California NHD Real-Time Maps

Gain access to Real-Time Mapping through the INSTANT NHD Online Customer Portal. View Hazard Zones throughout California and locally, such as Flood Hazard Areas, Wildland Fire Areas, Earthquake Fault Zones and more.

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CA NHD Real-Time Maps

INSTANT NHD Real-Time Maps allow you to view the latest disclosures for Natural Hazard Zones throughout California and locally including:

  • California Zone Data
    – Flood Hazard Area
    – Potential Flooding Area / Dam Inundation
    – Very High Fire Hazard
    – Wildland Fire Area
    – Earthquake Fault Zone
    – Seismic Hazard Zone
  • Local Zone Data
  • Local Statutory Disclosures

Q: How Do I Access Real-Time Hazard Maps?

A: You'll need an account to view Real-Time Maps. If you don't have an account you'll need to create one, once you have an account, simply login, then go to actions and select Real-Time Maps

Q: What Hazard Zones Are Covered With Real-Time Maps?

A: We provide NHD Data coverage throughout California’s 58 counties and include all required state and local hazard zones along with local statutory disclosures

Q: How Much Do CA NHD Real-Time Maps Cost?

A: Real-Time Mapping is included with all report packages at no additional charge

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